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Forest Floor Contracting Ltd in BC Canada specializes in forestry mapping, GIS, cruising and timber inventory and survey projects...

Professional Forestry Services and Consulting

GIS Mapping

  • Digital map productionTimber Development

  • Data conversions

  • Database management

  • Spatial Queries and Analysis

  • GPS/GIS data integration

  • Printing Services


For more information on our Mapping/GIS/GPS services, please contact our GIS Technician at

Timber Development

  • volume estimates, timber reconnaissance, timber value estimatesTimber Development

  • timber cruising and compilation reports

  • harvest block layout including boundary, riparian zones, and wildlife retention areas

  • Road layout and design

  • BCTS Ltd. Timber Sale License development
  • Cutting Permit applications under Forest License tenure

  • Small Scale Salvage using Forestry-License-to-Cut (FLTC)


Salvage Non-Replaceable Forest License Management

  • Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) development and implementationTimber Development

  • FRPA compliance and monitoring

  • Liaison with all stakeholders including First Nations

  • Cutting Permit applications including all required legal assessments



  • Stocking/plantability, regeneration, brushing, pre-stand tending and free growing surveysTimber Development

  • Full phase planting implementation including procurement of seedlings

  • Supervison/monitor pre-stand tending projects (brushing and spacing)

  • Silviculture site plan development (MS Word, GENUS, other formats)

Mountain Pine Beetle Management

  • Aerial and ground detectionTimber Development

  • Treatment prescription development

  • Small-scale salvage harvest layout (boundaries, roads and skid trails)

  • Eradication and post harvest slash disposal

Oil and Gas Development

  • On-ground layout including harvest boundaries, roads, trails and riparian zones

  • Timber volume estimates for appraisal purposes

  • Silviculture site plan development including amendments to existing site plans


GPS Data Capture

  • Government required appraisals (ECAS)

  • Private forest tenure activity reporting (RESULTS)

  • BCTS reporting and data management (GENUS)


Electronic Data Submissions

  • Government required appraisals (ECAS)

  • Private forest tenure activity reporting (RESULTS)

  • BCTS reporting and data management (GENUS)


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