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Forest Floor Contracting Ltd in BC Canada specializes in forestry mapping, GIS, cruising and timber inventory and survey projects...

About Forest Floor Contracting Ltd.

Forest Floor Contracting Ltd. is a fully integrated forest consulting company with offices located in Vanderhoof and Penticton.  Since 1986, the company has provided quality consulting services to private and public sector clientèle throughout north central British Columbia.  We employ six full-time and two part-time  personnel including: a registered professional forester, a registered forest technologist, a GIS mapping specialist, a forest technician, two field assistants and two clerical staff. 




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Our Consulting Services

During the past twenty years, Forest Floor Contracting Ltd. has provided consulting services including:

  • Forest development planning for forest licenses, Timber Sale Licenses, Woodlot Licenses, Non-Replaceable Forest Licenses and Salvage Non-Replaceable Forest Licenses
  • Timber multiphase activities, timber recognizance, block and road layout&design, GPS traversing, site plan development, timber cruising, riparian assessments and all associated reports and maps
  • Timber volume estimates and market valuations for private landowners
  • Beetle management including initial detection, harvest layout, cutting permit and road permit applications, silviculture site plans, management prescriptions and all required maps/documents
  • Post-harvest inspections for all license types including residue&waste assessments
  • All electronic submissions (includes RESULTS) into provincial FTA data base
  • Genus data management including tabular and spatial requirements
  • Forest development activities related to oil and gas exploration
  • Silviculture surveys (even aged and multi-layered) from initial stocking through to free-growing including all treatment prescriptions, summary reports and associated maps
  • Planting implementation activities on projects of all sizes
  • Implementation of all stand tending activities
  • GIS and Microstation mapping services
  • Full stumpage appraisal using ECAS system

Forest Floor Contracting Ltd. has developed a strong team consisting of well trained forest management personnel with one hundred and sixty years of combined expertise.   The company's commitment to improve on methodologies and to utilize new technology has helped Forest Floor Contracting Ltd. maintain a competitive edge within the consulting industry.  


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