Position:  Office Manager / GIS

Skills Summary

  • Experience in computer automated drafting using ArcMap version 10 starting in 2013

  • Progressive experience with CENGEA/GENUS spatial and tabular starting in 2013

  • Responsible for the development of all final maps for multiphase, multi-year timber projects since 2014

  • All data storage and file management for achieved project maps

  • Database/Data Conversions

  • GIS Analysis

  • Experience with BCTS Land Resource Manager

Recent Work Experience:


Forest Floor Contracting Ltd.

Vanderhoof, B.C.




Forest Floor Contracting Ltd.

Vanderhoof, B.C.


GIS / Mapping specialist

Licences and Certificates:                     Geographic Information Systems Certification


Education:                                               Applied Business Technology Program (CNC)

                                                                  Geographic Information Systems Certification (UNBC)